10 Percent challenge

Main Street would like to encourage you to partcipate in a 10 Percent Challenge with our leadership. With the upcoming release of stimulus checks, you and your home may be receiving money that just three weeks ago you were not expecting. We'd like you to engage with us as we give back a portion of the blessing we are receiving. 

How can you be a part? We want to challenge you to give 10% of your stimulus check(s) to one, two, three and/or four of the following options:

1- A widow or single mom/dad.

2 - An unemployed neighbor or friend.

3 - A non-profit or ministry who is helping provide relief in the pandemic. Examples would be Samaritan's Purse, Convoy of Hope, or our Care Mission. *These are tax deductible.

4 - A church of like faith (or our church if you feel most inclined). Examples in our area would be Licking Valley Baptist Church (their pastor died suddenly six weeks ago) or Next Chapter Church (a church plant in Wilder who is in a rental facility). *These are tax deductible.

We'd love for you to let us know if you are participating in the 10 Percent Challenge. Just post "I'm In" in a Facebook post such as "I'm in with my church's 10 Percent Challenge." You may also post a comment in the Facebook Live post on Main Street's page from Wednesday, April 1.  We do ask that you NOT post how you are giving as that is between you and God (see Matthew 6:1-4).

If we can assist you in any way with this challenge, please feel free to email us.