facilities manager

danny gilbert

Danny has been a member of Main Street since June of 2008, and has been employed as the Facility Manager since February, 2013.

Fun facts about Danny:

  • Danny worked over 35 years as Warehouse Manager for Johnny’s Toy Shop.
  • Danny was married to his wife, Connie on July 8, 1978.
  • Danny has three sons and 14 grandchildren. 
  • Danny has been to the Dominican Republic on mission trips 4 times.
  • Three of Danny’s grandchildren are Dominican.
  • Before joining Main Street, Danny was a member of a small Methodist church, where he was choir director and sang Southern gospel music in a quartet.
  • As a young man, Danny was an avid backpacker.
  • Danny and Connie have dear friends in Canada, where they have spent much vacation time over the last 20 years.


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