At Home

your online family resource

It is our desire to stay in touch with you during the pandemic of the Coronavirus. We're disappointed we can't be together to worship on Sundays or in small groups . However, our church isn't about a building; it is about people. To stay in community during this period, we've created this AT HOME FAMILY RESOURCE page to help you on your spiritual journey.

  • Have a need such as groceries or errands? We can assist you. Text "Assistance" to 484848 or click ->

  • Please provide us your prayer requests so our team can pray for you.

  • Did you want to watch/listen to music that'll encourage you? We've got our favorites listed!

  • We can't meet together in homes, but due to technology, your group can meet digitally.

  • We have resources available for your kids that will keep them learning things from the Bible.

  • We have resources available for your students that will keep them in the Word.

  • Even when we can't be together, your giving matters. Give online or just text a dollar amount to 84321.

  • Want to keep your mind occupied on spiritual things? Our staff has some recommended reading for you.

  • You and your family can enjoy the "Christian" Netflix with free access to videos for your entire family

  • Stay in touch with us as we provide up-to-date information concerning worship services & ministries

Contact us

We're here for you! If there is anything we can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to contact us. Just click below and reach us by phone or email. We love you and are praying for you.