Ways to Give to the church through investments

Existing Life Insurance -- We can simply change the beneficiary designation to name the church as a beneficiary for part or all of the proceeds of any policy they have. Simply and easy to do; will provide a deferred gift to the church and does not increase costs to the donor.

New Life Insurance -- Assuming the person/people is/are insurable, individual(s) can purchase a new policy, have it owned by the church with the church as beneficiary. They pay the premium every year via a donation to the church, that in turn pays the insurance company. Again, simple and easy to provide a deferred gilt to the church.

Appreciated Stock -- Gift stock to the church at its current value. You get a current deduction for current value and avoid paying taxes on the appreciation. Again, easy to do and does not increase current cost to individual but gives church the full appreciated value immediately.

IRA Account of someone 70 1/2+ --- for someone who is required to take the RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) from their IRA each year they can designate a direct transfer from their IRA to the church. The do not incur any tax liability on the transfer. It can be done annually and the amount can be varied.

401(k) Beneficiary -- One can designate the church for part of the account value upon their death. No out of pocket cost currently; provides a deferred gift to the church.

Real Estate -- One can gift real estate/land to the church. Get current deduction; no current out of pocket cost and church has immediate access to the property.